What is Zoom whitening?

It is a non-invasive procedure that targets to help stains or discoloration of the teeth. One of the best in chair options for visibly whiter teeth.


In-Chair teeth whitening using Zoom!


We begin with a check-up to examine your dental health and general oral hygiene. During the checkup, the dentist will determine if you’re suitable for in-chair whitening and provide you with a treatment plan to ensure optimal results. The treatment process may vary according to each individual.

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A bleaching gel is used which contains hydrogen peroxide and a Zoom! Light. The light will shine on to your mouth which helps to break down the peroxide, allowing oxygen to set into the enamel and whiten the stains. During this time, you can relax and watch the TV or listen to music if you have wireless headphones.


Higher concentration of whitening chemicals is used as compared to over-the-counter products, therefore providing quicker and more optimal results.


Any extrinsic staining may be eliminated prior to the Zoom whitening procedure with the help of check up and clean. Patient are advised to get a clean done after 6-8 months and it would be good to get the post-whitening assessed.

Is it safe?

Clinically proven to be safe and effective. Completely safe and gentle on your teeth and gums. It is FDA-cleared light activated whitening system. At Niddrie Dental Clinic, we’ll perform a thorough checkup as your oral health is always our priority and we would like to help reduce any risks that can interfere while doing the treatment.

Who will perform?

Whitening procedure will be performed by a qualified dentist with the help of a dental nurse.

Any Side Effects?

Side effects are minimal – some cases increased tooth sensitivity. This is only temporary and usually will subside.

What are the

In-chair and takeaway home whitening kits differ in price. During your consultation, we will be able to provide you with a quote once the examination is done.

Not all health insurance claims whitening treatment. To be certain of this, please contact your health insurance provider directly as coverage differs from one provider to another.

Consultation Time

45 minutes

In chair whitening Time

90 minutes

How long do results lasts?

Our In-Chair whitening treatment is designed for long-lasting results however, it will depend on your personal oral hygiene and lifestyle choices (smoking and drinking coffee, tea, or red wine) you make after the treatment. A high level of oral care is required to maintain the result post-whitening.

We recommend flossing and brushing twice a day. Advisable to drink staining drinks with a straw and try to stay away from smoking or drinking sugary drinks.

Our practice does have a whitening take-home kit that allows the patient to whiten their teeth effectively in the comfort of their own home. Take-home kit – Zoom and Opalescence GO. Zoom needs to make a custom tray unless you already have it. Opalescence – no tray required – universal tray provided

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it damage my teeth after getting Zoom Whitening treatment?

If it is done by a professionally – trained dentist, it is not going to damage your teeth. It is a dentist approved method for achieving a brighter smile and is safe for teeth enamel.


Can it damage my gums?

It does not damage your gums however, it may cause temporary tooth sensitivity after the treatment.

With the takeaway home kit, there’s a higher chance of damaging gums if not performed correctly. It may cause irritation or a burning sensation in your gums. Always advised to get a professional to do it if you’re unsure.

Do I need to have my teeth cleaned prior to Zoom Whitening?

Yes, there may be plaque or build-up on your teeth which does not allow your teeth to be whitened evenly. That’s why we recommend you to book 2 appointments for whitening – one for cleaning and another for the whitening. This is to reduce sensitivity and best possible results.

How often can you get zoom whitening done?

Depending on your health and teeth, you may require a touchup every 3-6 months.

Can I get zoom whitening done while I’m pregnant?

May not be the safest option to get it done. However, if you want to, you can consult our dentist and maybe plan for future or other treatment options.

Do zoom whitening work on crowns?

Unfortunately, no! It does not whiten crowns, veneers, or implants.