Crowns & Bridges

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Dental crowns are a custom made cap or covering that are made to restore the natural crown of your tooth.


Crown will be suggested to patient when a simple fillings may not be enough to restore the tooth anymore due to the significant decay/ crack. In cases when the tooth has undergo Root Canal Treatment, a crown will be a better restorative option to protect the compromised condition of the tooth. A crown acts like a helmet for these teeth, giving them protection from the chewing force and also holding the tooth tightly together reducing the chance of fracture and increasing the longevity of the tooth.

Today, there are a variety of techniques available for tooth strengthening, ranging from minimal preparation of the tooth structure for inlays and onlays, to the traditional full coverage cemented crowns. A larger/ longer unit crowns which is also known as Bridge can sometimes be an option for replacing missing teeth too

There is also a large range of materials available that are used to make crowns, inlays, and onlays. These include non-precious metal crowns to fully aesthetic ceramics with tints and in-built white coloured shades.