Occlusal splints commonly called as bite guards or nightguards are used to protect your teeth while you sleep. Nightguards are recommended by the dentist if he sees that your teeth are being worn down from constant clenching and grinding.

If you wake up every morning with headaches, jaw pain or tooth pain, it may be worth consulting your dentist. You may be going through a condition known as bruxism.
Apart from this they also help to prevent injuries to soft tissues like your gums.

What causes bruxism?

  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Poorly done fillings and crowns
  • Misaligned teeth and poor occlusion (the way your teeth meet together)
  • Sleep disorder or sleep apnoea

Unlike a mouth guard, night guards are made of a harder plastic and only covers the biting surfaces of teeth. A night guard also helps in supporting your jaw and giving it the relief from all day grinding. Make sure to get your Nightguard made customised to your mouth at the dentist.

If night guards are not tolerated, there are other ways to treat night grinding with the help of a dentist. Call us today to make an appointment!