What Are The Most Important Tips For A Knocked Out Tooth?


It is very important to consider the knocked out tooth first aid. This section mainly discusses about this.

Important First Aid Tips

Losing a tooth as an adult is generally considered to be a traumatic experience. Sometimes, it may happen that the tooth is lost as the result of an accident.

Keep The Contact Number Of Your Dentist

At the time of dealing with a knocked out tooth, one of the most important thing is considered to be the time. In this regard, you also sometimes need to call your dentist. This means that you should definitely have their contact number on your phone.

What To Do If A Teeth Is Knocked Out?

You should immediately take the below-given steps in order to save a tooth that has been knocked out.

1. Retrieve The Tooth

You need to handle the tooth by the crown but not the root. The crown of the tooth is mainly considered to be the chewing part. When the tooth is properly in the jaw, this part of the tooth is visible.

There is a chance of contamination in case you touch the root of an avulsed tooth. Along with that, it also preferably causes some additional damages to any tissues still attached to the tooth. In this case, the tissue is generally needed to be preserved for the purpose of ensuring the restoration of the tooth.

2. Clean The Tooth

It is essential to know about broken tooth treatment & Repair. Generally, in case the tooth has generally become contaminated with dirt, then you should rinse it gently with water or milk.

Along with that, you also need to be careful not to disturb any of the tissues clinging to the root. You should never clean a dislodged tooth with the help of soap and do not scrub or dry it. These actions will particularly remove and also destroy the living residual tissue which is necessary for reimplantation.

3. Reposition The Tooth If Possible

You should generally replace the tooth into the gum socket as soon as possible. The greater are the chances of saving the tooth, the more quickly this happens. Gum and also root tissues naturally want to bond and also heal. This particular process begins as soon as the tooth is back in the jaw. One needs to proceed to the next step in case returning of the tooth to the mouth is not possible.

Preserve The Tooth If Repositioning Is Not Possible

Preservation of the tooth is considered to be the best step in case the repositioning is not possible. It is necessary as it properly helps the chances of its restoration. It is important to keep the tooth moist as it generally keeps the tissue and also necessary cells alive.

So, the best thing is to preferably preserve the tooth in milk. In this case, the tap water is not recommended. Also, the tooth can generally be held between against the inside of the mouth if the patient is old enough.

Along with that, there is also over the counter products which help to save avulsed teeth and it might generally be a good idea to include one of them if you have an emergency aid kit.


In this way, it is particularly evident from the above section, that these important first aid tips are needed to be followed for a knocked out tooth. This generally helps to save your tooth in a much effective way. So, people need to consider emergency dental services and also knocked out tooth symptoms