Offer for checkup, clean and 2 X-rays for $150

  • Clean is limited to a general clean and polish of all teeth. Patients suffering from gum disease or who have excessive staining will require additional visits at additional charges.
  • Checkup does not include periodontal charting which is the in-depth assessment for diagnosing gum disease. According to the ADA guidelines, this offer is only valid for codes 011,022, 022 and 114
  • If you have Private health cover the full amount will be applied through the system and the patient will be required to pay the remaining of the offer If the private health insurance has covered more than the offer, no credit will be applied.
  • This offer is only valid in normal business hours. During after-hours, the usual prices will be charged.

*Afterhours: after 7 pm on weekdays and weekends.

Offer for In-chair whitening for $599

  • This offer includes a free consultation( for whitening ) and a free tooth mousse( valued at $40 )
  • The whitening is done over 3 sessions on one visit. Additional visits will incur additional charges.
  • The patient may require a clean prior to the whitening which is advised to avoid gum problems. The clean is not included as part of the package.
  • Whitening is only done for 20 teeth ( upper and lower)

Both offers are valid for bookings made prior to 28th February 2019 and can only be redeemed once.