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Oral Health And Dental Care In Australia

Mostly, good oral health is always considered to be important for overall health and wellbeing. Without this, mainly the quality of life and also the ability to speak, eat as well as socialize are affected which results in discomfort, pain, embarrassment and also pain. So, you should essentially opt for the Best Dental Clinic in Australia.

Oral health specifically reflects the condition of the gums and teeth of the person along with the health of the bones and muscles in their mouths. Many of the children and adults in Australia are affected by poor oral health specifically tooth loss, gum diseases and also tooth decay.

It also contributed to 4.4% of the entire burden that the non-fatal burden diseases placed on the community in the year 2011. Generally, oral health also deteriorates over the lifetime of a person.

What Are The Things That Leads To Poor Oral Health?

There are specifically many of the factors which lead to poor oral health. So, it includes:

  • A gradual lack of fluoridation in some water supplies.
  • A lack of good oral hygiene and also regular dental check-ups.
  • Consumption of alcohol, tobacco and also sugar.
  • Access as well as the availability of services which include affordability of private dental care and also long periods of waiting for public dental care.

What Is Considered To Be The Gradual Impact Of Poor Oral Health?

There are generally some of the most common oral diseases which affect health such as gums (periodontal disease) and tooth (tooth decay). Specifically, the tissues in the mouth can be destroyed by the oral disease which thereby leads to lasting physical as well as psychological disability.

The loss in the tooth can again contribute to reducing the overall mouth functionality which makes chewing as well as swallowing much more challenging. This, in turn, can compromise your nutrition. Along with that, general health can be impaired by poor nutrition, and also, it can exacerbate some existing health conditions.

There are also many chronic diseases that are associated with poor health including cardiovascular disease and stroke.

As a result, the overall wellbeing of a person can be hugely affected by poor oral health. The appearance of a person along with speech can again be impaired by the dental disease. Thereby, it contributes to eroding their self-esteem that can direct to some restricted participation specifically at the workplace, school, home as well as other social settings.

There Are Some Of The Groups Who Are At Greatest Risk Of Poor Oral Health

Specifically, the National Oral Health Plan is involved in the identification of four priority population groups that have poorer oral health rather than the general population. Along with that, they also particularly experience several barriers to access oral health care either in the public or private sectors.

The current providers of the most public dental services include the state and the territory governments. But, the eligibility requirements can mainly vary between states and territories.

There are about four priority populations groups which are identified in the plan include:

  • People Who Are Socially Disadvantaged Or Low Incomes
  • Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Australians
  • People Living In Regional And Remote Areas
  • People With Additional Or Specialized Health Care Need

Again, there are a lot many factors that make dental care more complicated for this particular group.

  • Certain difficulties in case of the physically accessing appropriate facilities of the dental treatment.
  • A shortage of dental health professionals with skills in case of the special needs of dentistry.
  • The treatment cost. Often, the people with additional or specialized health care needs gave their capacity of earning that is again eroded by ill health.

Why There Is A Variation Of The Oral Health Across Australia?

Generally, the people in some states as well as territories possess poorer oral health than the others. It is found by the National Child Oral Health Study that the prevalence of caries in the case of the deciduous teeth of children was considered to be much higher in the Northern Territory as well as Queensland rather than in all other states and territories.

This is just because the oral health status is mostly affected by a complex interaction of the factors discussed in the below section.

  • All people who are living in the Northern Territory were mainly located in Remote, Outer regional or Very remote areas and the majority of the Victorian population was mostly found in major cities in the year 2016.
  • Specifically, the Northern Territory possesses the highest proportion of the Aboriginal as well as Torres Strait Islander people that are considered to be much higher than the next highest state i.e. Tasmania.
  • Tasmania also has the highest proportion of people who are mainly living in the lowest socioeconomic areas.

This is the most important reason, why there is a variation of dental health in various parts of Australia.

Final Words

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