Reasons Why You Have Sensitive Teeth

Usually, the dentin sensitivity is considered to be another name for the sensitive teeth which is the most common dental problem that accounts for about 1 in 5 of all the dental visits in Australia. This is evident from the research which is published in the Australian Dental Journal.

About Dentin Sensitivity Or Sensitive Teeth

The sensitive teeth are usually characterized by a painful response whenever your teeth are exposed to certain stimuli which include cold air, acidic foods, some food textures and a lot more. Also, the pain can range in severity from a minor nuisance to the chronic agony.

Again, for some of the people, the dentin sensitivity might be contained to a single episode whereas, for the others, it is considered to be an ongoing issue which can affect the overall quality of life.

Take Help Of A Good Dental Clinic

All you need in this regard to overcome the problems which happen as a result of sensitive teeth is to visit a good dental clinic. These particular dental clinics will always guide you with all your dentistry needs.

Some Of The Common causes Of Dentin Hypersensitivity

There are generally some of the common causes of the dentin hypersensitivity which are again discussed well in this section.

1. Harsh Toothbrushes

Regular brushing of your teeth is mainly considered to be an important part of dental health. However, using the wrong kind of toothbrush or incorrect brushing is one of the most common causes of sensitive teeth.

Also, it is seen that the presence of harsh bristles on some types of toothbrushes can contribute to damage the protective layer of enamel which covers your teeth. This occurs in case you apply excess pressure at the time of brushing. The dentin underneath is left exposed once the tooth enamel is chipped away. This can result in sensitivity.

2. Cracked Teeth Or Fillings

It is always very important to keep in mind that not all dental work is considered to be permanent solutions. Also, the fillings can wear out over time which means that there is nothing which sits between the layer of dentin in your teeth and also potentially painful stimuli. In the majority of the cases, this will lead to sensitive teeth.

Apart from that, you may also experience dentin hypersensitivity in case you possess damaged or cracked teeth and are yet to get fixed. This indicates that the fixing broken fillings and also damaged teeth can contribute to alleviating your teeth sensitivity.

3. Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is considered to be a widespread phenomenon which involves the involuntary grinding or clenching of the teeth. There are about 1 in 20 people who grind their teeth on a regular and ongoing basis. Along with that, it is also thought that teeth grinding is closely related to stress and anxiety. But, the exact cause usually varies between the people.

ConclusionSo, it is cleared from the above section that these are the main causes of the sensitive teeth and this is needed to be avoided