At Niddrie Dental Clinic we specialize in offering highly advanced dental care procedures for a wide range of oral conditions. Many people wait until it’s too late to begin caring for their teeth correctly which can result in severe oral diseases, bad gum health, decaying teeth, and several other potentially threatening oral conditions. Our patients trust us to take their oral health seriously and we dedicate ourselves to providing outstanding service on a constant basis.

Our root canal treatment utilizes cutting edge technology that enables us to perform the procedure with accuracy and precision. Most commonly our patients will require a root canal treatment under several different circumstances. Repeated surgery on a specific tooth, decaying teeth, and a cracked tooth are all common causes that lead to root canal surgery.

The benefits of getting a root canal procedure performed far outweigh simply pain relief. Failing to properly repair or replace a decaying or cracked tooth can cause these symptoms to worsen resulting in the problem effecting your entire mouth. If you need emergency dental assistance our clinic offers services that makes it easy for our patients to receive medical attention whenever they need treatment.

We are one of the top emergency dental clinics in Melbourne and have a long-standing history of providing quality dental care for everyone. Our staff are highly trained medical professionals who possess the right knowledge and tools to take any dental emergency that you may have. When you notice signs of decaying teeth or constant oral pain you should take these sings serious a contact an emergency dental provider as soon as possible.

Here at Niddrie Dental Clinic we specialize in root canal treatment and all sorts of emergency dental procedures, when you contact our offices one of our representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your procedure.