Root Canal Treatment


Nothing can best replace your tooth.

Your dentist gives you an option for root canal treatment when the decay has reached the nerves, and the tooth can be saved. He will first do a series of tests and radiographs and show you the extent of the damage.

Can a tooth be saved with a root canal?

Most teeth can be saved with a root canal treatment. However, if the tooth is left infected for a long time, the decay may have progressed below the gum level, making it impossible to restore the tooth after the root canal. In that case, the best option would be to take the tooth out.

Root canal treatment – Is it painful?

The answer is no; Root canal treatment is done under Local Anaesthesia ( numbing), and because the dentist will take out the infected nerve in the first visit you will be out of agony at your first appointment itself.

Why are there stories about root canal being painful?

Sometimes if you have left the tooth untreated for a long time, you can develop an abscess or rarely an angry nerve which may take additional anaesthesia to calm.

What does a root canal treatment involve? What to expect at your appointment?

A root canal treatment is usually done in three stages. On your first visit, the dentist will numb the tooth and remove any decay and the infected nerve. He will then place a medicine and put a temporary filling on top.
Periodontitis On your second visit, the dentist will shape and measure the canals and use solutions to flush out any bacteria before filling the canals at your third visit.
On your third visit, he will then place fillings to fit your perfectly shaped canals and put a permanent filling on top. It is very important to attend each appointment on time. If left too long between stages the tooth can get reinfected which means additional visits to the dentist!

Do I need to put a cap/crown after the root canal treatment?

Ideally yes, after a root canal treatment your tooth is fragile and weak to support your daily chewing and grinding activities. It is always better to spend some extra money and get a crown made than to one day have the tooth fractured and had lost all the effort, and money spent on saving the tooth.