A general dental check-up at Niddrie Dental Clinic would involve a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and mouth. At your visit, you will be able to discuss any queries or concerns that you may have. During your visit, the dentist will provide you with details of any work that may be needed and provide you with a treatment plan.

A thorough explanation is given of what the issues are, and how they can be rectified. The Dentist will also discuss with you on how to manage the issue better and to avoid them from recurring in the near future. In most cases, there may be more than one option to tackle the problem, and our dentists will provide a detailed explanation of all options, costs, and any risks that may be involved.

At Niddrie Dental Clinic we are committed to promoting good oral health for our patients. Routine dental check-ups with your dentist are very important and the most effective way to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Most importantly check-ups can reduce the risk of dental emergencies and costly out of pocket expenses.

It is never too late to start taking care of your teeth. If you and your family have not visited a dentist for over 12 months, then book yourselves in for a check-up now at Niddrie Dental Clinic!

We are one of the few dental clinics in Melbourne open after hours and seven days a week.

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