Mouth Guard
The fear of losing your teeth shouldn’t keep you from playing your favourite sports! Be it footy, soccer, basketball, hockey, skateboarding, mountain biking or any activity that might result in an injury to the mouth. Mouthguards are custom made for every individual to prevent a chip, break or knocking your tooth out. At Niddrie Dental Clinic we always advise getting a custom-made mouthguard that fits individual teeth to avoid any future problems with the bite or joints of the jaw. Store bought mouthguards can be detrimental to your occlusion and can cause unwanted changes.

Apart from this they also help to prevent injuries to soft tissues like your gums.

How do they work?

Mouth guards also work on the principle “Prevention is better than cure“. When you get a blow to your face either from falling or from the ball, the teeth take the impact resulting in either just a chip or the whole tooth getting knocked out. A mouth guard acts as a buffer between these impacts.

Sports cause about 1/3rd of traumatic injuries to teeth. About 50 % of children suffer from sports injuries while playing sports. These injuries are seldom reversible and sometimes leaves the child/ adult to have extensive dental treatment to recover the damages caused.

To avoid costly and lengthy treatments as a result of trauma from not wearing your mouthguard, Niddrie Dental Clinic suggests getting a custom mouthguard made. Call us on (03) 9374 2244 as soon as you enrol yourself in any sports!