Niddrie Dental Clinic has always been focused on offering services that can not only overcome the tooth related issues of patients but also make them happy with innovative and effective solutions to their problems.
An extremely common problem that individuals face is the misalignment of their teeth, for which metal braces is the most common solution, applicable across the world.
But, this is a world of technology and development and hence we bring to you Invisalign Treatment at your service. This treatment is gradually gaining importance in dental care because it offers an invisible alignment to the teeth setting.
Generally, thermoplastic materials are used to develop these aligners and their look is quite close to the trays that are used for whitening of teeth.
Another innovative solution which our clinic has implemented and is offering to all our patients is the use of Fast braces. We understand that the use of the metal ones can be really awkward, owing to which many individuals avoid such treatment.
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