“We offer after hour appointments for emergencies”.

At Niddrie Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering quality dental care and variety of innovative treatment options to meet all your dental needs for you and for your family.

Our highly experienced dentists, dental assistants, and reception staff are committed in ensuring, you experience a comfortable and satisfactory outcome every time. We aim to take care of this in a timely and efficient manner, where you endure a stress free and memorable experience meeting your expectations and always “giving you a reason to smile”.

Moreover at Niddrie Dental clinic our dentists understand the importance of preventative dental care from an early age, hence we take pride in Children’s dentistry as we create the right environment for your child so that on each visit your child leaves with a memorable experience.

Taking care of your teeth is vital for good health and your overall well-being.

We understand the fear some people might have with going to the dentist therefore we take our time to put you at ease before and after treatment and make every experience comfortable and pain free. The convenience of our Online Booking, After hours appointments, and Weekend Appointments, gives you the flexibility to fit your dental appointment around your busy lifestyle.